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How to populate a multi-value field in script - cannot get it to work
~Mark Refoopuloopsi 01/16/2004 04:38 PM
Domino Designer 6.0.3 Windows XP

Why is it that the brain always stops working on Friday? OK now that I have that out of the way, I have a problem I simply cannot remember how to solve.

I am creating a script to take values off a form and mail them to a form in a mail-in database. I have a field on the form in the mail-in database that is a multi-value field that I have to populate with 6 elements. I cannot get this to work - help me please.

The piece of the code that I am trying to get to work is below. What am I missing?

Dim Memo1 As NotesDocument
Set Memo1 = New NotesDocument( Database )
Set Memo1 = Database.CreateDocument
Memo1.Form = "Problem Report"
Memo1.SendTo = "Call Center"
Dim Array(1 To 6) As String
Array(1) = "Name 1"
Array(2) = "Name 2"
Array(3) = "Name 3"
Array(4) = "Name 4"
Array(5) = "Name 5"
Array(6) = "Name 6"
Memo1.Technician = array

Why does "array" not populate the field as a multi-value object?

Problem solved

Set Item = New NotesItem( Memo1, "Technician", array )

Amazing how the brain works after you ask for help.

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